Know More About Our Orginization


  1. Work as an team to improve the lives of drug addicts and prevent them to do so.
  2. To educate the society from village level to modern villages by creating awareness about the outcomes of so called evils.
  3. By donating and providing blood through blood donation camps.

Mission :-

ADF is a group of responsible young citizens who are working towards making the Nation drug free where every one attains a good health, a proper nutrition and medical facilities through our best efforts as an organization by conducting various programmes and events by not only targeting small villages/cities but through out the nation.

“Cure, Prevention, Health and Nutrition are 4 pillers of sustanabilty of ones life and for which we join hands together world as one ”

Our Founder Members. –

We are inspired by our earlier freedom fighters who have the courage to die for others life. So why not we can just by drop of contribution can heal the pain of various lives.