Know More About Our Orginization

Our federation ADF is working since 2011 in the field of aid and prevention of drug addicts and social wellbeing.We got our federation registered on 11 July 2014 as a non government organization as per the law and provision in INDIA.

Mr. Sanjeev Khan Founder/National President of ADF Anti Drug Federation (REGD.) India ADF is searching for more volunteers to join us and to create small teams in all schools, colleges,Institutes, University, wards, cities and villages all over Punjab and other States of India to campaign and provide necessary aid to people in need. We aim towards creating a DRUG FREE INDIA AND HEALTHY INDIA. We appreciate, the efforts of all who are with us and wanted to join us for great cause towards nation.

ADF is doing efforts and conducting seminars in all Educational Institutes , wards, cities and villages all over Punjab and other regions of northern India at present and also making people aware by organizing small plays and skits on different public places with the help of our volunteers. Spreading awareness among the people about the harms and illnesses that one could face due to drugs and how one could prevent the wrong doings in society. We provide medical aid and also encourage the person who wants to come out of the trap of drug intake and also help in rehabilitation of the ones who do not have the will to do so. We believe youth are the foundation of our nation and they are the ones that can bring change, therefore, youth of India should come together and stand/volunteer with us towards the noble cause. We hope our continuous efforts and campaigns at different places of education, to educate young students and youngsters against the evils of our beautiful society will surely bring the huge change and also bring people around the world to support our great cause of clean and clear society with heath and safety.

ADF Do Not Support/ work with Any Political Party or Nor its part of any other organization. ADF is working Independent as an Registered NGO towards our vision and mission for betterment of our Society.